Shootyz Groove interview with Dose (From The Archives- 2005)

INTRO: Unfortunately its a now semi-typical rock scenario: Band comes out of nowhere with a hugely tight, original, and fresh approach in genre-mixing perfection; Band is nabbed by a major label, is soon after screwed, and YEARS later, less talented carbon-copies of "said act" spring up and sell out arenas. But, unlike most bands, its been NYC's Shootyz Groove who have come back from the underground all-out swingin', droppin' the jaws of those who should have practiced more, and never hesitating to set the record straight. The one thing that has more than amazed me too, is that throughout their trials and tribulations, Shootyz Groove have ALWAYS kept it positive, and they are without a doubt among THE MOST down to earth and friendly guys you'll ever see gracing, and filling, a venue.
     Regardless, all intro-yap aside, its with f'n huge enthusiasm, that we re-kick-start PRF's small hiatus from interviews with this Q n' A session I had with Dose, drummer of this highly influential band.
-Deek McD

DEEK:  Dose, for starters, as word's now quickly spreadin', Shootyz Groove HAVE emerged from their NYC caves and are now back in action. What spurred this decision to hop back into what, I understand in your case, was a heartbreaking game at times all in all?
DOSE:  The Fans. Period. When we split up in 2000, we kinda went our separate ways. During that time a fan out of California put up a website. Funny thing is that during the entire time SG was active, we were never able to get a decent website going, even when we had Major Label resources behind us. Go figure. Anyway, The reaction to his website started spreading worldwide and one day I finally see this website and I was blown away. The response from the fans was truly inspirational. There were many Faithful there that have been down since day 1, as well as new fans that were just getting turned on to us. Part of the webmasters intentions with the site, was to try and get us to re-form. Well, sometimes miracles do happen...The rest of the fellas were as inspired as I was upon seeing this outpour of love. We started talking to each other and invariably, the subject of music came up. We decided to get together and Jam a little and then we decided to book a reunion show. That happened late November 2003. We've been going since. We started writing some new tunes and Now we're gearing up to release our first album in 7 years. 7 fuckin years man. Only Pink Floyd does shit like
DEEK:  Who do the hell you think you are, Metallica!? lol. I didn't realize it had been seven years! Anyway, label-wise, not only did you guys have a deal with Roadrunner at one point in time, but later even succeeded in climbing the ladder to a signing with bigwigs Warner Brothers- so what's the current situation distro-wise? Will shootyz Groove be going it alone as many bands are capable of now doing these days? For those seeking record deals- any words or warning, or encouragement?
DOSE:  Well, we've had 3 separate record deals through the years. First with Mercury/Polygram then Roadrunner, which was a nightmare. Then we ended up with Reprise/Warner. which turned out to be a great situation for us. As far as the new album goes, it's completely tracked and we've begun negotiating with a couple of labels overseas for licensing. Here in the states we're still weighing our options. But we're really leaning towards putting our own label situation together. The days of signing with a label is over for us. We're just not interested. We'd rather have the freedom to make and produce records the way we want, then to buy a lottery ticket, which is what you'd get by signing with a label these days. Best thing to do as a fan is to stay connected with us through our website and if we do a show in your town, come out and support us. Buy a ticket, a CD, or a T-shirt. This is what keeps an independent band going. We have completely financed this record on our own and with help from our fans. That's the way it should be. As far as words of encouragement go... Look, if you're in a new band trying to make shit happen, keep your shit tight. Play anywhere, everywhere for anybody. Print shirts, Make a 3-4 song demo, buy a shit load of cd-r's, burn them fuckers and sell them for a couple of bux. If you can't get booked in your friendly neighborhood club for a show, organize your own at a local hall, or a friends basement, anywhere. Get together with a few other bands in your area and support each other and start a scene. Just do anything you can to keep things moving and don't depend on anyone to do it for you. And most importantly, MAKE GOOD MUSIC! Don't bite your favorite band. Find your own style, be original for Christ's sake. I believe people are still interested in good new music. And I believe that they will still buy music if it's good. I still do.
DEEK:  I hear ya man, I just went out to the store to support Celine Dion....ahem....Did I just say that out loud? Moving on, I Understand you guys recently did a couple of dates with 311 out in the midwest, since you and them have been down since way back when. Tour and show-wise, since a good deal of people haven't seen you live in quite some time, or are in need of initiation, what's on the horizon, or in the works, for Shootyz? New album?
DOSE:  It was 2 shows in Pennsylvania. 311 and Shootyz has had a history dating back to 94. I can't say enough good things about them. They're stellar individuals and run a class A organization. We've played tons of shows together here in the States as well as in Europe. It was great meeting up with them and sharing the stage again after all those years. I'm very proud of what they have achieved as a band and I wish them nothing but luck with their new album. I think we may get a chance to do some more touring with them later this year. All I can say is, if you've never seen an SG / 311 show, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's non stop madness and good times. As far as our new album goes, We're done tracking and we've decided to have someone very special mix the album. I can't say who it is quite yet but, when we announce it you'll all be blown away for sure. Just keep your eyes and ears open and bookmark
DEEK:  I also hear word that you and Donny Rock (guitar) have another side project that you mess with here and there? True? Is it a serious endeavor, or merely a f'around and get wasted/fun scenario?
DOSE:  Dead Fly Syndrome is very real and you will see and hear the proof. We take DFS very seriously, in fact we plan on getting back to finishing off our E.P. at the end of February.DFS sounds nothing like SG, it's very different. But it's quality music just the same.
DEEK:  Understand there might be some other Shootyz side work on the horizon too- what's this I hear about "Mondo Gomez"?
DOSE:  MONDO GOMEZ...LOL That's what Sense should have called it! It's Primo Gomez. Primo Gomez is what Sense is calling his solo project. As a matter of fact D-rock and I Just finished Producing the album for him. We co-wrote and performed on this record as well. If you guys don't know by now, Donny Rock and I have a production company called Lab Atomix and we've been producing and recording bands for a couple of years now. We're putting the finishing touches on the Primo Album as we speak and that should see the light of day some time in 06. I can tell you with no ego, that it's some of the best work that we've done period. SG fans will be pleasantly surprised with this other side of Sense. He really shines on his own and the songs are amazing. You must cop that shit when it drops. For real!
DEEK:  Yeah, tell Sense Deek says it shoulda' been "Mondo". Lol. Anyway, to give the often overlooked drummer his nod, I'm wondering what your style has been built, inspired, and based on over the years? Any particular performers that have guided your approach on the kit?
DOSE:  As far as drums go, I have my influences and inspirations just like anyone else. My top 5 drum influences are, in no particular order. John Bonham, Neil Peart, Fish (fishbone), Bill Bruford and Art Blakey. That's just the basics though.
DEEK:  Thanks for your time Dose, we'll see you in Boston on May 13th at TT The Bears. It should be beyond unreal! With The Nillaz too! (
DOSE:  Thanx Deek. Stay fresh and updated at our website, myspace. Our new album will be released late spring/ early summer. Come show your love when we play a show in your town. You won't regret it. Stay Faithful!


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