Between The Buried and Me Interview (Archives- August, 2004)

     Alright, time here to introduce two new acquisitions to the ever-growing realm, one being The Montreal Goon (aka, simply "The Goon") who will be doing some interviews and cd work from here on out, and the other being, this friggin' interview, where we somehow managed to land some time with one of THE best bands on the Victory Records roster right now- hell, one of the best melodic-death acts out there hands down- BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME! Nine outta' ten facial-reconstruction surgeons agree that "BTBAM" will most likely leave you with quite a lofty hospital bill, so check out this interview and find out what this North Carolina band is all about.
- Deek
THE GOON:  Hey, welcome to the electronic halls of
BTBAM:  What's up bro...I'm Tommy. I handle the vocals and keys for Between The Buried and Me.
THE GOON:  Let me first start out by saying that I drove an hour into Worcester, MA not so long ago to check you guys out at the final show of your MADE Clothing tour with Stretch Armstrong and Terror. I knew I was pushing my luck when I got through the doors a bit late due to the fact I had things to do before the earlier "all ages" start of the show (like "punchin' the midget under the bigtop", and practicing the Star Trek theme on trumpet) unfortunately rolled in when you guys were clearing the stage. Anyway, your thoughts on how you're gonna make it up to me at at your next area show? I would suggest you guys dress up in circus attire (i.e. clown get-ups, human cannonball tights and cape, etc.) while droppin' selections from your "silent circus" album. Or are you against stage antics and straight up for the music? Seriously though, can't wait to see you guys!
BTBAM:  Hmmmm, I guess we'll just play naked for you. I think that will do the trick- maybe blow fire out of our asses...anything goes. Seriously though, we're all about the music, fuck image. We're musicians not actors.
THE GOON:  Ass-fire? Very nice. Hey, staying with that show, how would you compare it to your other tour stops? Terror went off on how this crowd had the best energy they had seen in a long time, and being, in my opinion, and even more solid act, how was your crowd reaction there? (Kick-ass shirts by the way, I picked up the chainsaw one to help out).
BTBAM:  Dude Worcester, MA is so, so amazing. We've played there probably 4 or 5 times and we've never had a disspointing set. The energy is amazing there- love it!
THE GOON:  Yeah, rub it in, rub it in- 5 amazing shows and I've blown it in every case. Anyway, I am familiar with the fact that your band name can be found in some Counting Crow lyrics, and I am also aware of the fact that a few of you guys are into that band, so could you let me in on any other bands you aren't afraid in admitting that you like, that are polar opposites of what you guys do. For instance, I am a huge Right Said Fred fan myself. I am still pissed to this day that his second attempt at a hit, "Don't Talk, Just Kiss", didn't blow up- and why didn't Eddie Murphy stay with music? So there, I've shared- too much perhaps...
BTBAM:  Dude we listen to everything, and I'm not ashamed of anything. I don't know... I love Rufus Wainwright more than anything. Right now I'm actually listening to Elton John, and earlier I jammed to Rotten Sound, and then some Earth, Wind, and Fire.
THE GOON:  Wow- thats more revelation that I anticipated! Your love for Elton John makes my Right Said Fred admitance meek by comparison! Kidding. Getting back to the Silent Circus theme though, and the fact that again, you use a logo of a much thinner Gunnar Hansen holding a chainsaw on one of your t-shirts...are you into horror movies or what? There is a thin line between the circus and horror. Any suggestions on what to watch if so? If not, aside from movies, what are some of the things you pass time with while on the road?
BTBAM:  Horror movies rule! I'm not a super fan like a lot of people, but I find them interesting... Dead Alive is the jam... best gore movie ever! Aside from that, while we're not on the road we are either sitting around or eating. We're not home much, so we just try to relax. I try to catch up on current music and find time to write some music as well.
THE GOON:  Now, you guys are also known to bring your act up to Canada alot. I was living in Montreal for the past 5 years and definitely appreciated the metal scene there. Your thoughts on how those crazy upper mexicans take to your music? Any band from there that you're friends with, or appreciate?
BTBAM:  Canada rules. Everyone there is super nice to us, and the crowds are amazing. We've actually become great friends with The End, Silverstein, and Alexisonfire, to name a few. All in all, some great bands are coming from there- watch out America!
THE GOON:  And here is where you can go off on how you feel about your experience with Victory Records. Some people may be interested in the more professional side of your music. If you don't want to talk about it, no worries, but I'm curious, since Victory has been the distributing force behind most of my hardcore favorites back in the day and currently...
BTBAM:  Victory has been great- no complaints. I respect what they do. They try to have a diverse label for every music lover to enjoy.
THE GOON:  I honestly do like how they've become more eclectic even though they do get crap for that by some older fans. Umm... Let's talk about North Carolina and that rap song about twising your shirt over your head like a helicopter. Have you done that at your hometown shows? Also... what happened with the band Peaceful Non-Existence...they were North Cackalackians right? What else is worthy of listening to/purchasing from the area too?
BTBAM:  Damn, Peaceful Non-existence- no one has heard of that shit! Nice! NC rules too! Shows are great, people are great, and everyone knows each other and every show is like a party. Lots of great bands there as well- to name a few: Codeseven, Glass Casket, Hopesfall, Beloved, and so many more. Its a growing scene.
THE GOON:  Okay, lastly, give me some reasons why you feel I, or others, should upgrade from being a vegetarian to vegan? And could you quickly tell me about your thoughts on anthropocentric views. Are you pissed off on how the world works? If so, what do you feel can be done?
BTBAM:  The world does suck, but I just try to focus on things that make me personally happy...fuck everything thats going on...I have great friends and I love music, so no matter what happens in life I have that to fall back on. As far as vegetarianism goes...I'm not a might as well eat meat. Dairy is murder as well and veal calves can tell you this in a second. GO VEGAN! Keep in mind not every member of BTBAM agree with this though...
THE GOON:  (putting down his glass of milk in shame) Thanks so much, once again, for doing this, pretty much the whole staff is infatuated with your newest release- so keep up the good work too! We look forward to seeing you back in New England!
BTBAM:  Thanks so much, and see you soon. Glad you enjoy the record. Peace.

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