Tuesday, December 28, 2010

HERE BEGINS THE ARCHIVING OF A DEAD ROCK/METAL SITE from 1999-2010- www.purerockfury.com

I haven't done anything with Purerockfury in a long time, yet don't want to just dump its hundreds of hours of work and interviews into the infinity of cyberspace, so we're archiving what we have HERE- on this blog so as to not loose everything, especially for the sake of the bands involved- whether it be for continued promotion for their sake, or simply for remembrance. Paying for the hosting of a site I no longer work with has just become too expensive/pointless. Thanks for such a great run- we had a blast.

Check out my other new site/projects at http://www.relaxshacks.com/

-Derek "Deek: Diedricksen (ex-WBCN 104.1 FM Boston (CBS))
PUREROCKFURY.com website honcho


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